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	I am working with a group of companies that are developing data
storage devices used in very closed systems (aircraft with proprietary
operating systems and interfaces) that will periodically need to be
connected to standard commercial workstations.  The intent is to use Fibre
Channel as the connection media and SCSI as the protocol.  Some
manufacturers will not implement the required complete SCSI command set.
In these cases, they should report 00h as the SCSI version code in response
to an Inquiry command.

	Question- How will such a response cause commonly available systems
to act?  Will they throw up their hands, saying "you're not compliant with
anything, so I can't talk to you"?  Would it be better to claim compliance,
04h, and test for any interoperability problems with real systems?

	All systems will support INQUIRY, READ(10), READ CAPACITY, TEST UNIT
READY commands and will only be used to read data stored via other

	My company is using a fully compliant interface, so this isn't a
problem for us directly, however it is a concern for the user community
interested in these systems.

	Appreciate any thoughts or guidance you might be able to offer.

	Pat Sullivan
	General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
	patrick.sullivan at


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