Serial Attached SCSI 2d (really)

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Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) revision 2d is now available on

Revision 3, without change bars, will be released tomorrow evening and
will be released to T10 letter ballot Friday morning.

This revision has change bars from sas-r02. It incorporates these
a) 02-349r4 Proposed additions to SAS driver and receiver electrical
b) 02-353r1 SAS Output characteristics of the READY LED signal
c) 02-372r0 Minutes of SAS protocol teleconference 17 September 2002 
   A) Motion: STP initiators shall not generate BIST frames
d) 02-379r4 SAS test loads
e) 02-380r1 SAS OOB signal levels (Alvin Cox)
f) 02-417r0 Minutes of SAS protocol teleconference 21 October 2002
   A) Fallback and Increment Speed states be removed from the SP state
g) 02-424r2 SAS Port layer additional tweaks
h) 02-430r3 SAS Simplified support for multiple STP initiators
i) 02-435r3 SAS STP buffering
j) 02-437r1 SAS Support for SATA II: Extensions to SATA 1.0
k) 02-443r2 SAS Handling Link Rate Not Supported
l) 02-449r3 SAS Simple relative offset
m) 02-456r0 Minutes of SAS protocol WG 4-5 November 2002
   A) in the REPORT PHY SATA function, change OPEN REJECT (RETRY) to
      OPEN REJECT (NO DESTINATION) and make other related changes
throughout SAS
n) 02-459r1 Unknown Frame Types
o) 02-461r1 SAS spare primitives
p) 02-462r1 SAS zero length data frames
q) 02-470r1 SAS SSP link layer rewrite
r) 02-472r1 Make Protocol-Specific mode page optional
s) 02-476r0 Making Report General Page Larger
t) 02-477r1 Remove SMP PHY CONTROL function ENABLE
u) 02-478r0 SSP Transport layer state machine modification
v) 02-482r0 SAS internal cable configuration
w) Compacted SMP function numbers, removing REPORT SATA and moving 

   so belongs in that region).
x) Editorial changes from comments received on sas-r02, sas-r02a,
   and sas-r02c.

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