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The agenda for next week's ADI conference call is now available at:

It's attached below in text-only format.  I've marked as "Closed" action
items which have been done since the last meeting.

Please send me any additional items for discussion.


Paul Suhler
ADI Facilitator


Draft Agenda
Automation/Drive Interface (ADI) Working Group
Ad Hoc Conference Call
November 20, 2002
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PDT

1.    Conference Call Information:
   Toll Free:        1-888-206-4960
   Toll:        1-719-457-3545 (for international use only)
   Passcode:        168674
2.    Introductions:                                    Group
3.    Call for secretary:                               Paul Suhler
4.    Approval of this agenda:              02-493r0    Paul Suhler
5.    Approval of previous meeting minutes:             Paul Suhler
    a.    11/05/2002 meeting minutes        02-411r0
6.    Review of action items:                           secretary
    a.    Find a permanent secretary for this committee.
    b.    Paul Entzel will post a message to the reflector to request start
of frame characters. Closed
    c.    Bob Griswold to include existing proposals and updates noted in
these minutes in ADC document by one week before next meeting.
    d.    Michael Banther to produce a proposal for device server
interaction section in ADC document.
    e.    Paul Suhler to update section 4.2.1 of the ADC document.
    f.    Each of us to investigate possibility of participation in joint
development of an emulation/test tool.
    g.    Rod Wideman to create proposal to update ADC VHF log page, clean
up Status Valid meaning, add "leaving state" bit per discussion of
    h.    Rod Wideman to create proposal to include sequence diagram in ADC
for state transition table, verify adequate definition of terms.
    i.    Rod Wideman to create possible VPD page that describes supported
states and transitions.
    j.    Michael Banther to add Sense(target) back to table in 02-358r1.
    k.    Kevin Butt to create a proposal against ADC for FC descriptor for
ADC device specific mode page (T10/02-315r0).  Closed
    l.    Bob Griswold to talk with SNIA Backup Working Group regarding
process of developing an open test/emulation tool for ADI use.  Redirected
to Storage Media Library (SML) working group.
    m.    Bob Griswold to modify the ADT proposal to include scope of ADP
and cancel ADP project by two weeks prior to next T10 plenary.  Closed
    n.    Lee Jesionowski to create a proposal for method to convey
Interface Status changed.
    o.    Bob Griswold to send Rod Wideman ADC source, send Paul Entzel ADP
and ADT source.
    p.    Paul Entzel to create 02-329r2 to reflect changes discussed in
this meeting and make available prior to next conference call.
    q.    Paul Suhler to write text for ADC to explain what happens when a
port is disabled that was previously enabled.
    r.    Paul Suhler to discuss the ADC and ADT schedules with John
Lohmeyer and send e-mail with the revised target date for initial public
review for both standards.  Closed
    s.    Lee Jesionowski to work within IBM to find possible resolution
for signal conflict on connector regarding wrap plug.
    t.    Paul Suhler to post message to reflector for conference call
meeting.  Closed
7.    Discussion items:
    a.    ADC status                                      Rod Wideman
    b.    ADT status                                      Paul Entzel
    c.    ADC: FC Descriptor                  02-315r0    Kevin Butt
    d.    ADI VHF Log Page Proposal           02-489r0    Rod Wideman
    e.    ADC Clause 4.2.1, ADI Overview      02-392r0    Paul Suhler
    f.    ADP Signal Descriptions Proposal    02-358r2    Michael Banther
8.    Unscheduled business:

9.    Review new action items:                            secretary

10.    Adjournment:                                       Group

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