[T11.5] Re: [T11.3] Official INCITS Officer Training at December T11 meeting

Edward L. Grivna elg at cypress.com
Tue Nov 12 06:02:41 PST 2002

INCITS T11.5 Mail Reflector

Hi Bob,

Here is my RSVP.  I will be in attendence for this training.

-Ed Grivna

> Robert Snively wrote:
>         Official INCITS Officer Training,
>         conducted by Monica Vago of INCITS.
> WHY:
>         All TC and TG officers are required to have official
>         INCITS training within one year of taking office.
>         This time, we are bringing the training to you to
>         make it easy.  Otherwise, you will have to seek out
>         one of the less convenient training sessions.
>         All TC and TG officers who have not been trained
>         recently are encouraged to take this training as
>         well, since there have been significant changes in
>         both the INCITS organization and in some of the
>         procedures.
>         Adhoc facilitators are strongly encouraged to take
>         this training, as they too must direct their meetings
>         in compliance with the rules explained in this
>         training.
>         All other members thinking of becoming officers
>         or wanting a better understanding of the INCITS
>         process are also invited to attend.
>         To me so that we have a count of likely attendees.
>         T11 Plenary meeting site
>         Doubletree Hotel at REID PARK
>         445 South Alvernon
>         Tucson, AZ 85711
>         Phone:  520-881-4200
>         Room block, cut-off date:  11/15/2002
>         Room block, group name:  Amer. National Standards Institute
>         Room rate, regular: US$ 130 plus taxes, extra fees
>                 for extra occupants, unlimited calling plan.
>                 Breakfast buffet included.
>         Thursday, December 12, 2002
>         Begin:  15 minutes after the end of the
>                         T11 Plenary, but not before 4 p.m.
>         End:            About 8 p.m.

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