SBP-3 Working Group meeting January 20 - 21

Peter Johansson PJohansson at
Mon Nov 11 12:03:56 PST 2002

The next meeting of the SBP-3 Working Group is Monday and Tuesday, January 
20 - 21 in Wailea, Maui, HI. I'm announcing this early because the meeting 
immediately follows the 1394 TA meeting the week before and is at the same 
hotel. Any of you attending both meetings may wish to plan your travel 

Information for the hotel is linked from

The draft agenda for the meeting is below; there will be new items 
announced prior to the meeting. If you have any agenda items you wish 
added, please contact me.

1. Introductions and procedures
2. Call for patents
3. Informal liaison
    3.1 IEEE P1394.1 [Johansson]
    3.2 IEEE P1394.3 [Johansson]
    3.3 1394 TA PTP [Anderson]
4. Prior action items
    4.1 Request Apple comment on 02-281r0 [Anderson]
    4.2 Request Microsoft comment on 02-281r0 [Johansson]
    4.3 Configuration ROM iPCR/oPCR proposal [Johansson]
5. Review of changes in working draft
6. Review reflector traffic
7. Old business
    7.1 Editorial review of draft (page turner)
8. New business
    8.1 Configuration ROM iPCR/oPCR proposal [Johansson]
9. Meeting schedule
10. Review of action items
11. Adjournment


Peter Johansson

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