Draft minutes of Parallel SCSI Working Group Meeting -- November 4, 2002

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Mon Nov 4 15:15:49 PST 2002

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                                                   Doc. No.: T10/02-455r0
                                                       Date: November 4, 2002
                                                   Reply to: John Lohmeyer
To:       T10 Membership
From:     Ralph Weber Subject:  Parallel SCSI Working Group Meeting -- November 4, 2002
          Huntington Beach, CA

1.     Opening Remarks
2.     Approval of Agenda
3.     Attendance and Membership
4.     SPI-5 Topics
4.1      Results of T10 letter ballot on forwarding SPI-5 (02-382r0) [Lohmeyer]
5.     Old Business
6.     New Business
6.1      SPI-5 Letter Ballot Comment Resolution (02-452r1) [Penokie]
7.     Review of Recommendations to the Plenary
8.     Meeting Schedule
9.     Adjournment

Results of Meeting

1.     Opening Remarks

John Lohmeyer, the T10 Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.,
Monday, November 4, 2002. He thanked Skip Jones of QLogic for hosting the

As is customary, the people attending introduced themselves and a copy of the
attendance list was circulated.

2.     Approval of Agenda

The draft agenda was approved with no additions and changes.

No items were added/revised during the course of the meeting.

3.     Attendance and Membership

Attendance at working group meetings does not count toward minimum attendance
requirements for T10 membership. Working group meetings are open to any person
or organization directly and materially affected by T10's scope of work. The
following people attended the meeting:

         Name          S        Organization         Electronic Mail Address
---------------------- -- ------------------------- -------------------------
Mr. Titkwan Hui        A  Dallas Semiconductor      tk.hui at dalsemi.com
Mr. Bob Gannon         AV Electronica Pantera       rgannon at jpmco.com
Mr. Ralph O. Weber     P  ENDL Texas                roweber at acm.org
Dr. William Ham        A  Hewlett Packard Co.       bill_ham at ix.netcom.com
Mr. George O. Penokie  P  IBM / Tivoli Systems      gop at us.ibm.com
Mr. John Lohmeyer      P  LSI Logic Corp.           lohmeyer at t10.org
Mr. William Petty      A  LSI Logic Corp.           william.petty at lsil.com
Mr. Mark Evans         P  Maxtor Corp.              mark_evans at maxtor.com
Mr. Russ Brown         V  Maxtor Corp.              russ_brown at maxtor.com
Mr. Chris Smith        V  QLogic Corp.              chris.smith at qlogic.com
Mr. John A. Fobel      AV Rancho Technology, Inc.   johnf at rancho.com
Mr. Gerald Houlder     P  Seagate Technology        gerry.houlder at seagate.com
Mr. Vit Novak          P  Sun Microsystems, Inc.    vit.novak at sun.com
Mr. Steve Hemmah       A  Texas Instruments         steven_hemmah at ti.com

14 People Present

Status Key:  P    -  Principal
             A,A# -  Alternate
             AV   -  Advisory Member
             L    -  Liaison
             V    -  Visitor

4.     SPI-5 Topics

4.1    Results of T10 letter ballot on forwarding SPI-5 (02-382r0) [Lohmeyer]

John Lohmeyer said the SPI-5 letter ballot (02-381r0) passed 37:3:2:4=46 as
documented in 02-382r0. Comments were received from Bill Ham, Bill Petty, Mark
Evans (in 02-425r0), Paul Aloisi (in 02-407r0), and Jie Fan.

5.     Old Business

No old business was brought to the meeting for consideration.

6.     New Business

6.1    SPI-5 Letter Ballot Comment Resolution (02-452r1) [Penokie]

George Penokie led the group in a review of proposed letter ballot comments
resolutions (02-452r1). George agreed to make changes in some of the comments
resolutions based on inputs from the group.

George Penokie moved that 02-452r2 (r1 as modified) be recommended to T10 as
resolving the SPI-5 letter ballot comments. Mark Evans seconded the motion. In
the absence of any objections, the motion passed unanimously.

7.     Review of Recommendations to the Plenary

Ralph Weber noted that the following recommendations have been made to the T10

02-452r2 (r1 as modified) SPI-5 Letter Ballot Comments Resolution [Penokie]

8.     Meeting Schedule

The next meeting of the Parallel SCSI Working Group will be Monday January 13,
2003 commencing at 9:00 a.m. in Portland, OR at the Embassy Suites Hotel
(503-644-4000), hosted by Intel.

The group discussed the possibility of not needing the Portland, OR meeting
unless comments are received during public review.

9.     Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m. on Monday, November 4, 2002.
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