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Hi all,

I got a comment that following example is not good for Large buffer model.
Large buffer model must cover entire discs and should not have any
possibility of overflow.
  (strikethrough: "Device memory can store about 10% different packet start
  address of entire disc and length of consecutive defective packets.")

In Fuji discussion, members agreed that there is no doubt that 10%
different packet start address and their length field can cause Sparing
Area overflow. Because these 10% packets DBIs are newly reported and are
not spared yet. So there is no difference for the result between bitmap
implementation and 10% list implementation.
Once Sparing Area overflow happens, system should terminate current writing
operation or may continue current writing operation with ignoring DBI

So I think this example is acceptable.
Please send your opinion.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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