ssc2 SPACE CODE's above 7 defined where

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Sun Nov 3 14:01:18 PST 2002

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Back in the days of ssc-r22, op x11 was named SPACE
and its CODE field was cdb[1] & x07.  SSC2 redefines
op x11 to be SPACE(6) with a CODE field grown to
include cdb[1] & x0F.

But the "Table 24 - Code definition" has not grown
accordingly?  In ssc2r08e.pdf, we see only
"0110b-0111b" "Reserved".  We see no mention of

Is this merely an tupographical oversight, or is this
omission meaningful?

Curiously yours in awesome ignorance, Pat LaVarre

P.S. I see the text of "7.10 SPACE(16) command" also points
back to that table of "6.6 SPACE(6) command" to define
precisely half of all the values of its cdb[1] & xF
CODE field.

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