SES-2 rev 2, Device names, Tape rewind on reset, and some SAS proposals

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Sat Nov 2 17:19:46 PST 2002

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ses2r02 - SCSI Enclosure Services 2 revision 2
  Incorporated the following changes:
  a) 02-189r1 SES-2 SPC-3 Vendor-specific diagnostic pages (Rob Elliott)
  b) Introduced "attached" wording in the model section (used by SPC-3)
  c) Per 02-346r1 and spc3r09, added REPORT SUPPORTED TASK
     MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS as an optional command
  d) Imported paragraph formats from SAS revision 2c

02-419r0 SAM-3 SPC-3 SAS FCP-3 SRP-2 Device names and VPD data
  Grand Unified SCSI device names (using the iSCSI string format), and 
  other VPD enhancements for SRP and iSCSI.

02-443r1 SAS Handling Invalid Link Rates
  Updated per last SAS teleconference.

02-471r0 SSC-2 Rewind on logical unit reset
  Add a bit to the Device Configuration mode page to indicate and
  control whether a tape drive rewinds on resets.

02-472r0 SAS Make Protocol-Specific mode page short format optional
  When the mode page is not implemented, there is no I_T nexus loss 
  timer in the target.

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