Serial Attached SCSI revision 2d now available

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Fri Nov 1 15:37:06 PST 2002

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Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) revision 2d should be available soon on

This revision has change bars from sas-r02. It incorporates these
02-291r2 SAS expander informative annex (Tim Hoglund)
02-353r1 SAS Output characteristics of the READY LED signal (Alvin Cox)
02-354r1 SAS definition/note for skew (Alvin Cox)
02-360r3 SAS spinup (Rob Elliott)
02-363r3 SAS STP initiators closing connections (Brian Day)
02-390r3 SAS compliant jitter test pattern (Alvin Cox/Bernhard
02-391r1 SAS external connector text corrections and signal
  table modification (Alvin Cox) 
02-396r2 SAS Device Identification VPD page requirements (Rob Elliott)
02-397r0 SAS Protocol-Specific Port mode page (Rob Elliott)
02-405r2 Alternate SAS Speed Negotiation state diagram (George Penokie)
02-409r3 SAS Expander CHANGE count proposal (Brad Besmer)
02-418r2 SAS SATA_ERROR primitive definition (Tim Hoglund)
02-423r0 Minutes of SAS protocol teleconference 21 October 2002
  Make SAS address of all zeros invalid
02-428r0 Minutes of SAS protocol WG 24-25 October 2002
02-427r1 SAS device names (George Penokie)
02-433r1 SAS link rate clarification (Bob Scheffield)
02-441r1 SAS Changes to REPORT PHY SATA (Steve Fairchild)
02-422r2 SAS Bit ordering pictures (Jim Reif)
02-444r0 SAS Interpretation of invalid SAS address (Rob Elliott)
02-445r0 SAS wide link error handling (Rob Elliott)
02-446r1 SAS READY LED characteristics (Alvin Cox)
02-450r0 SAS SSP vendor-specific frame types (Rob Elliott)
02-451r1 SAS Bit and byte ordering (Rob Elliott)
Changed a 0,35 to 0,55 in the physical section per SAS PHY call
02-468r0 Minutes of SAS PHY teleconference 31 October 2002
  combine Xr/Xt and Ir/It (meaning initiator or expander), then
  rename Dt/Dr to It/Ir (meaning internal) in the phy section

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