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The draft agenda for Monday's SSC-2 working group meeting will shortly be
available at:

Please review your action items.  I've included the agenda below in
text-only format.


Paul Suhler


Draft Agenda
SSC-2 Working Group
Ad Hoc Meeting
November 4, 2002 -- Huntington Beach, CA
9:00 AM -- 6:00 PM

1. Introductions:

2. Approval of the agenda:                             T10/02-413r0
Dave Peterson

3. Approval of minutes:
Dave Peterson
   a.       09/09/2002 working group minutes           T10/02-334r0

4. Review of old action items:
Paul Suhler
   a.       Dave Peterson to post a reflector message asking whether any
applications report non-monotonically increasing block identifiers when
   b.       Paul Entzel will generate a proposal to put TapeAlert flags 28h
-- 31h in SMC-2 and to modify SSC-2 to refer to SMC-2.
   c.       Paul Entzel will generate a proposal containing the new flags
and the changes to flags 24h, 0Dh, and 0Eh.
   d.       All will review text associated with state transition tables.
   e.       Everyone who has not yet should send Dave Peterson e-mail
describing their implementations of the medium partition page.
   f.       Everyone who has not yet should send Dave Peterson e-mail
describing their residual reporting for WRITE FILEMARKS.
5. Discussion items:
   a.       SSC-2 comment resolution

6. Unscheduled business:
Dave Peterson

7. Next meeting requirements:
Dave Peterson

8. Review new action items:
Paul Suhler

9. Adjournment:

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