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The logjam on FCP-2 approval (BSR NCITS 350) is finally broken. It turns 
out that the FCP-2 rev 7a source files were okay, but the FCP-2 rev 7a PDF 
file had a problem. As near as I can tell, the PDF file did not embed the 
necessary font to display the arrows in the tables in Annexes B and 
F.  These arrows did not display on PC machines, but they did display on 
MACs. (This was part of the confusion as the ANSI and INCITS people mostly 
use MACs.)

Per Deborah Donovan's request, I have re-created the FCP-2 Rev 7a PDF file 
and checked that it does indeed display correctly on my PC. I replaced the 
bad PDF file on the T10 web site with the new file. I also marked the 
database record so that this file will be distributed in the next T10 
mailing. Please note that the file size increased from 1,488,555 bytes to 
1,554,686 bytes.

The INCITS letter ballot will issue shortly and should close before the 
July T10 meetings.

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