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SCSI Enclosure Services - 2 (SES-2) has been posted to

This version merges SES-1 (revision 8b) and SES Amendment 1 (revision
1), contains numerous editorial corrections, and incorporates some
technical updates to match SPC-3. No fundamental technical changes were
intended. The source document is now in FrameMaker 6.0, based on the
standard T10 template. 

Pending proposals (most to be discussed at the July CAP meeting)
* 02-189 SES-2 SPC-3 Vendor-specific diagnostic pages
* 02-190 SES-2 Enclosure busy indication
* 02-191 SES-2 Invalid Operation Decode element type
* 02-192 SES-2 IDENT control for each element
* 02-193 SES-2 INVOP handling
* 02-194 SES-2 Protocol-specific device element information
* SSC-2 SES-2 Enclosure mode page support for tape devices
* Move Annex A into main body
* Move Annex B into main body

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