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Anyone interested in attending should contact Donovan, Deborah at 
ddonovan at itic.org or 202-626-5746.


>Subject: REMINDER of May 29, 2002 - Office Training at ITI Headquarters
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>Thread-Topic: REMINDER of May 29, 2002 - Office Training at ITI
>  Headquarters
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>Officer training tutorials for Chair/Vice and International Representative 
>will be held on Wednesday, May 29, 2002. If you are interested in 
>attending either of these 2 training sessions please email me at 
>ddonovan at itic.org
>Officer Training will be held at:
>1250 Eye Street, NW
>Suite 200
>Washington, DC 2002
>Logistics & Hotel Information (http://www.ncits.org/logistics.htm)
>Wednesday, May 29, 2002
>INCITS Subgroup Officers Tutorial - Chair and Vice Chair (tutorial starts 
>- 9:00 AM)
>INCITS Subgroup Officers Tutorial - International Representative (tutorial 
>starts - 1:00 PM)
>You are invited to attend the presentations of two tutorials offered by 
>the INCITS Secretariat. Although the tutorials were created to improve the 
>effectiveness of the subgroup officers, all members of the INCITS 
>community would benefit from participation. Therefore, the INCITS 
>Secretariat encourages all interested parties to attend.
>The morning session will be devoted the INCITS Subgroup Officers Tutorial 
>- Chair and Vice Chair Tutorial. The Chair/Vice Chair tutorial provides 
>guidance to officers on operational requirements and provides an 
>opportunity for INCITS subgroup officers to exchange experiences with 
>others. Attendance satisfies the requirement for training.
>The afternoon session of training features the International 
>Representative Tutorial. The IR tutorial provides an overview of the 
>international standards arena, a review of the procedures of INCITS, the 
>JTC 1 TAG, ANSI and JTC 1 that relate to international standards activity. 
>This also is a valuable opportunity for participants to share with others 
>some of the unique insights gained by participating in U.S. TAGs and 
>delegations. Attendance satisfies the requirement for training
>Attendees are also encouraged to take this opportunity to follow up on 
>issues specific to their TCs.
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>should be relevant, but ITI accepts no responsibility for any posting and 
>may terminate access to any subscriber violating any policies of the 
>Association. Please review the INCITS Antiturst Guidelines at 

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