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Tue May 21 18:05:27 PDT 2002

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Even though the RESERVE/RELEASE commands have
been obsoleted in the latest SPC revision I
have a question relating to third party
reservations using the RESERVE (10) command.

Using SPC-3, rev 6, 5 April 2002
Section 7.26.3, second sentence states

"The third-party reservation for the RESERVE(10)
command allows an application client to reserve
a logical unit within a logical unit for another
SCSI device"

My question is

"Since logical units within logical units are
defined as dependent logical units is it
allowable to return a CHECK CONDITION if I do
not support dependent logical units even though
SPC says that third-party reservations are
mandatory if the RESERVE(10) command is implemented?"

Kenneth Ray Craig, Jr.
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