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I do not want to take away anything that people need.  I just do not see
how the existing rules ever allow a meaningful case with both bits set.

Your last paragraph talks about reporting both errors. I see two
problems with that.  First if the protocol error happened on the command
then the response indicates the problem and there can be no status
because the task was never entered into the task set. The second problem
is that all of the existing protocols say you CANNOT report status if
you set RSPVALID.  If you to not report status of CHECK CONDITION, SAM
says that you cannot return sense data. If you cannot return sense data
then you cannot set SNSVALID.

This is not just a SAS issue.  It has been bothering me for a while and
I finally decided to bring it up.  SAS is just the first document I want
to change.

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One man's nonsensical case may be anothers neccessary.

This case is not prevented in FCP-2, SPI-3, SPI-4, and who knows about
the other protocols. So why is it an issue in SAS?

I still contend that it would be perfectly resonable to have both bits
active. The RSPVALID field is limited 4 bytes in SPI and 8 bytes in
FCP-2 so generally does not contain much information. If a case comes up
where the target needs to report a protocoal failure and needs to report
more information then sense data could also be generated.

In addition there is nothing that states that a protocol error and a
command error can not be related. If they are then it would be resonable
to report both in one shot. In that case I would see the protocol error
informing the protocol level of the error and the sense data informating
the application of the command error.

Bye for now,
George Penokie

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