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This is a question about FCP, SPI-4, SRP, and SAS Response IU format.

Is it ever possible for both the RSP_LEN and SNS_LEN bits to be set.

I do not think it is because if RSP_LEN is set then the STATUS field is
ignored. If the STATUS is ignored then is it even possible to interpret
sense data? I do not know about the response values associated with
FCP_DATA (in FCP) but all other responses either prevent the command
|from being accepted by the target or are task management responses. None
of these cases have sense data.

The second question is for what STATUS codes is auto-sense data allowed?

GOOD = ????
All Others = disallowed.

What is the answer for GOOD and does anyone know of a reason to send
sense data for the other status codes? Is it REQUIRED for CHECK

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