SAS Teleconference Call - May 7, 2002

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Approximately 16 people were on the call. Since so little time had passed 
since last week's meetings, no one had completed their agenda items. All 
items were carried over to next week's call.

At Dana Hall's request, Rob Elliott briefly reviewed how the far-end 
loopback test is ended (via BREAK or CLOSE primitives as described in

Rob also presented the port connection state machine diagram (John Worden's 
diagram). There was discussion about how parameters are passed to the other 
state machines. The names must match exactly and the arrows go to (or come 
from) the direction of the other state machine (George's SSP link layer 
state machine is below and Mark's SSP transport layer state diagrams are 

Rob asked for volunteers to do missing state machines. (I believe Bill 
Galloway volunteered to do the AEN state machine. Right, Bill?)

John Lohmeyer volunteered to host SAS teleconference calls on Tuesday May 
14th and Tuesday May 21st.

Jim Coomes noted that SAS Protocol, SAS Physical, and STA plan to meet in 
Minneapolis June 5-7. STA only meets on Thursday. John Lohmeyer has 
arranged a SAS Protocol meeting for June 24-26 in Denver. Notices for both 
the Minneapolis and the Denver meetings have been posted to the T10 
reflector and have links on the T10 meetings page (

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