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We discussed this Monday and some clarification will be made.  I assume you're reading the SSP transport layer section.  The link layer had to already ACK the frame for the transport layer to even see the frame.  "Discard" (which will be used rather than "ignore") means the transport layer doesn't do anything with the frame.

There is debate about whether the link layer should check the hashed source and destination device names and withhold ACK if they don't match the source and destination device names which formed the connection.  The Serial Attached SCSI WG plans to vote for one of these options in the first June meeting:
1) drop the hashed source and destination altogether
2) keep them; mandate the link layer check them (no ACK on mismatch and discarded)
3) keep them; mandate the transport layer check them (ACK on mismatch and discarded)

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> There are quite a few places in the SAS proposed working 
> draft where it says 
> ignore the contents of the frame or discard the frame.  I'm 
> assuming this 
> means that the device is dumping all these DWORDs and does 
> not send back an 
> ACK or NAK primitive.
> Is this assumption true?
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