Reservation checking and task states

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SAM-2, Rev 22, 24 Jan. 2002, Section 7.1, last paragraph

"The requirements for task set management only apply to a
task after it has been entered into a task set.  A task
shall be entered into a task set unless a condition exists
that causes that task to be completed with a status of

SPC-3, Rev 6, 5 April 2002, Section 5.5.1, page 29, last
paragraph states

"An unlinked command shall be checked for reservation
conflicts before the task containing that command enters
the enabled task state."

My question is this.

My reading of the SAM-2 Task Set management rules leads me
to believe that a dormant task is considered to be entered
into the task set.  If this is true am I now in the position
of having to perform reservation checking twice before a
task enters the enabled state.  Once, while I'm performing
the initial task checks to see whether or not the task will
be placed in the dormant state and again when the task is
being checked for entering the enabled state?

If so I think the wording in SPC-3 needs to be changed to
explicitly state the reservation checks must be performed
before the task can enter the dormant state or enabled

Kenneth Ray Craig, Jr. 

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