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In SBP, in a bridged environment, it is possible for an initiator node to 
"go away" (disconnect, become nonfunctional, etc.) without any indication 
provided to a target that holds a login for the initiator. This is even 
possible in the absence of bridges, but significantly less likely to happen.

NOTE---The term "bridge" has a different meaning in IEEE 1394 than it 
currently has in some T10 projects. In IEEE 1394 parlance, a bridge is more 
similar to a router than it is to anything else.

The SBP-3 working group is crafting the solutions to this problem and is 
curious as to how it was resolved in the FCP, iSCSI and SRP environments. 
We'd appreciate a brief response from experts: a description of how the 
resources claimed by a "stranded" login are eventually released.


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