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Thu Mar 14 14:15:45 PST 2002

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Are any T10 people interested in participating on this INCITS Ad Hoc? If 
so, please respond directly to Jennifer. -- John

>Doc:            IT/02-0246
>Date:           March 14, 2002
>Reply to:       Jennifer Garner
>Phone:  202-626-5737
>email:          jgarner at itic.org
>To:     INCITS Members
>         INCITS TC and TG Officers
>Subject:        Call for Participants - INCITS New Technologies Ad Hoc
>At the February 20-22, 2002 meeting of the INCITS Executive Board, the 
>report of the INCITS New Technologies Ad Hoc was reviewed (see IT/02-0124) 
>and the ad hoc was reconstituted.
>The scope of the INCITS New Technologies Ad Hoc is detailed in IT/01-0427:
>1. Coordinate INCITS use of XML as a tool for document development and 
>Representative interim objectives may include:
>* Work with H2 as the demonstration project
>* Retain a repository of lessons learned
>* Coordinate the INCITS XML activity with external organizations (e.g., 
>* Coordinate INCITS internal XML activities
>* Make recommendations to INCITS on:
>      + editing and rendering tools capable of generating the appropriate 
> format (e.g., PDF)
>      + a consistent means of persistently naming, indexing, and semantic 
> markup
>      + a common structure for XML in NCITS (e.g., schema/DTD)
>      + a proposal for broad use of XML by INCITS  (including the 
> officially approved version)
>2. Prepare recommendations for INCITS use of electronic meetings.
>Representative interim tasks may include:
>* Review INCITS procedures
>*Prepare model procedures for electronic meetings
>*Identify appropriate technologies
>*Conduct a pilot meeting and report to INCITS on the results
>Current participation on the ad hoc is as follows:
>Mr. Russ Richards - DoD/DISA and Chairman of the INCITS New Technologies 
>Ad Hoc
>Mr. Ed Barrett - Sony
>Dr. Donald Deutsch - Oracle and H2 Chairman
>Mr. Steven Haflich - J13 Chairman
>Mr. Donald Schricker - J4 Chairman
>The INCITS Secretariat was instructed to issue a call for participants to 
>serve on the INCITS New Technologies Ad Hoc.
>Requested Action
>INCITS members and INCITS TC/TG officers interested in participating on 
>the INCITS New Technologies Ad Hoc should notify the INCITS Secretariat 
>(jgarner at itic.org).

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