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Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc.

Invites The PIP & SSM sub working group

To the April 2nd  & 4th 2002 working group meetings (note the SSM meeting is
on April 4th as the same hotel and a PIP editing meeting will be held on the

Nashua, New Hampshire
Sheraton Nashua Hotel
11 Tara Boulevard, Nashua New Hampshire
Phone (603) 888-9970

To reserve a room you may call, fax or e-mail.  Fax (603) 891-4179
e-mail: Angie.forbes at sheraton.com (e-mail arrival & departure date, type of
room [king or double, smoking or non-smoking], group name HITACHI and cc
number with expiration date)

Group Name:  Hitachi
Hitachi PIP Rate $117.00

Host:  Zane Daggett
(603)-669-4347 Ex. 236 email: zdaggett at hcm.hitachi.com

Second Contact:  Kristine Simard
(603)-669-4347 Ex. 279 email: ksimard at hcm.hitachi.com

Cut of date for room reservations:  March 22, 2002

Directions from Boston Airport To Sheraton Nashua Hotel:
* Out of the airport follow signs for Route 93 North and the Sumner Tunnel.
Go through the Sumner Tunnel.  After you exit the tunnel get onto Route 93
North.  Follow Route 93 North to Route 95 (128) South.  Follow Route 95
(128) South to Route 3 North.  From Route 3 North take Exit 1 in New
Hampshire, just north of the MA/NH border.  At the bottom of the Exit 1
ramp, turn left to the Sheraton Hotel.

Directions from  Manchester Airport to Sheraton Nashua Hotel:
* From the airport take a right onto Brown Ave.  Follow Brown Ave. and take
a left onto Route 101 West.  Follow Route 101 West to the Everett Turnpike
South (75 cents).  Follow the Everett Turnpike all the way to Exit 1.  At
the end of the exit ramp take a right.  The Sheraton will be on your right.

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