RBC delays op x12 Inquiry?

Gerry.Houlder at seagate.com Gerry.Houlder at seagate.com
Wed Mar 13 09:49:32 PST 2002

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I wouldn't say that removing the wishy washy wording from RBC is support
for doing Test unit Ready command instead of Inquiry command as the first
command to talk to a device. Rather it is a recognition of the fact that
the first command to a device should not have smaller time limit than any
later command to the device. Such performance limitations are only enforced
by purchase specifications of individual companies, not by standards.

Note that the Test Unit Ready command doesn't have wording that requires a
very short response time either. In practice, SCSI devices do have short
response times to both of these commands (delays are usually caused by
power up activities that may still be in progress). This is because most
vendors are well aware of customer desire to have short response time on
such commands, not because of any standard requirement.

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