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Hello, Edward,
What I mean by "system cause the failure so that the
  CMD or MGMT IU can not proceeding" is the system may temporarily out of
recourses, such as memory. For this case, we don't want to disconnect the
channel, because system can be recovery by himself later, we want to send
back a response with reason, like "SYSTEM FAILURE", or more general, like
CMD or MGMT NOT COMPLETE" etc. Right now, there are only 4 RSP_CODE have
been defined, when I implement SRP, I feel it is not sufficient.

Thank you,

Yaning Gao,
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 > I don't understand the example you are giving.  Could you
 > give more details
 > as to what you mean by "system cause the failure so that the
 > can not proceeding"?  Or otherwise explain how the new
 > rsp_code value would
 > be useful?
 > In any case, please send this to the t10 reflector
 > (t10 at, not just
 > to me, as it is something that the entire SRP community
 > should consider.
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 > Subject: SRP Response IU consideration
 > >Hello, Edward,
 > >
 > >The SRP Response IU will send back the RSP_Code in response
 > the SRP Cmd or
 > >SRP Mgmt IU. The RSP_CODE list of the CMD or MGMT IU excute
 > result. But
 > >there is other case to cause failure such as system cause
 > the failure so
 > >that the CMD or MGMT IU can not proceeding, how can I handle
 > this kind of
 > >case? Should I just discard the SRP CMD or MGMT IU? I don't
 > think this is
 > >the good way. Or could we consider to add some other value
 > in the RSP_CODE
 > >to indicate those kind of cases so that I can send back
 > response with those
 > >new value to tell other side the reason?
 > >
 > >Thank you,
 > >
 > >Yaning Gao
 > >JNI
 > >
 > >

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