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T10 voting members:

I have added a couple last minute ISO/IEC agenda items to the T10 agenda 
for next week:

   11.2.3  Recommendation on ISO/IEC FDIS 14776-326 (RBC) [Robinson]
   11.2.4  Recommendation on ISO/IEC FDIS 14776-331 (SSC) [Robinson]

These recommendations are T10's position on the Final text of the Draft 
International Standards (FDIS). We are somewhat lucky that these questions 
came up now because we can address them at the T10 meeting instead of 
having accelerated letter ballots on them.

T10's previous position on these documents were:

"1) The US National Body votes to Approve ISO/IEC FCD 14776-331:
Information technology - Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) - Part
331: Stream Commands (SSC), SC25 N717.

2) US National Body votes to Disapprove ISO/IEC FCD 14776-326:
Information technology - Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) - Part
326: Reduced Block Commands (RBC), SC25 N715

Comment from the USA: The USA will change its vote to approve if the
following changes are made:

Page 9, Table 3 - Format Unit command: Byte 2, bits 3 - 0 are shown as
reserved, but should be as in revision 9a. The published version
somehow lost the bits IMMED, PROGRESS, PERCENT/TIME, and INCREMENT in
the table, even though they are still discussed in the text following
the table."

The corrections were made to Table 3 in RBC.

Any T10 voting member who wishes to examine the final FDIS text before 
voting next week may do so. Please send me an email requesting the 
document(s). I cannot send them to non-T10 members because of copyright 


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