sbc2r05a and 02-065r1 PR corrections posted

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These documents have been posted to the T10 web site this week:

02-065r1 SPC-3 Persistent reservations corrections
Fixes a typo in the background material for issue #1 and suggests two more editorial changes in the SPC-3 text.

sbc2r05a SCSI Block Commands - 2 revision 5a
This revision has a slew of editorial changes but incorporates no new technical proposals. 

Changed mode page and log page names to follow a new style agreed to with the SSC-2 and SPC-3 editors. Reformatted and revised conventions/keywords sections to match other standards.  Updated all the SPC references to SPC-3, SAM to SAM-2, etc. Updated the list of supported mode pages/log pages to match that in SPC-3. No change bars in this revision.

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