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Wed Mar 6 17:44:47 PST 2002

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Hi All,
	STP T10 Rev 10 Page 37 Line 30 states 
SRP RSP IU: "The SENSE DATA LIST LENGTH field shall only contain lengths
that are a multiple of 4."

I am confused as to the reasoning for this because it seems that most sense
data is 18 bytes long. There is nothing to say what should be done is the
actual sense data is not a multiple of 4 bytes long. Should the data be
trunacated down to the lowest length multiple of 4 or should it be rounded
up. What happens to the (1 to 3) undefined bytes that are now in the sense
buffer if rounding up is the solution.

I do not see the need for this restriction, other than for alignment, but as
sense data is at the end of the IU, alignment should not be an issue.

Any comments out there.

Patrick Fitzpatrick,
JNI Corp.
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