Clearing effects of logouts on different protocols

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The clearing effect for shared mode pages in FCP actually says "vendor
specific". I confess Seagate is behind that statement.

Some of our customers had a problem with multi-initiator case where one
initiator logs out and causes shared mode page values to chage for the
initiators that are still logged in. We resolved this by adding another
rule. If an initiator logs out, we don't change the values (back to
default) in shared mode pages as long as another initiator is still logged
in. The idea is to not affect the mode page values for logged-in initiators
due to logout by another initiator. When all initiators log out, then we
allow the shared mode pages to revert to default values. A rule like this
might help tape devices. Discussion at FCP meetings didn't gain enough
support to describe this as the preferred behavior for that case, but the
committee did agree on "vendor specific" so at least this behavior was

------------------- imported from a previous email by Rob Elliott

Mentioned by FCP-2 clearing effects table (FCP-2 revision 7 section 4.9):
* classic reservations released (5.5.2, 7.26.2, 7.26.3)
* shared mode pages reset to default/saved values (7.9.2, 7.9.6)
* non-shared mode pages reset to default/saved values (7.9.2, 7.9.6)
* Prevent Allow Medium Removal state set to "allow" (7.13)
* Buffered data for EXTENDED COPY cleared (e.g. COPY STATUS data,
  RECEIVE DATA data, FAILED SEGMENT DETAILS data)(7.16.2, 7.16.3, 7.16.5)
* Buffered data for XOR commands cleared (SBC-2
* AccessID enrollment state forced to pending-enrolled (future SPC-3)
* preexisting ACA, unit attention, and deferred error
  conditions cleared (FCP-2)

Not mentioned by FCP-2 clearing effects table:
* log pages reset (7.6)
* Alias list associations (7.2.1)
* Generation value for persistent reservations set to 0 (7.11.3)
* Download microcode mode for WRITE BUFFER (7.33.5-8)
* Self-test cancelled (8.2.9)
* Power condition state (8.4.11)
* allowed to clear interval timer and report count
  fields in Informational Exceptions mode page MRIE field (8.4.10)

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