SAS: Primitive Response to SSP Frame

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For a single SSP frame that is received by a device, are the only responses
to the received SSP frame an ACK or NAK?

Is it possible for a device to not return a primitive response to a SSP

The term "discard" is used in various places in the specification, and
appears to refer to the transport layer error handling.  In section 9.2.1,
some text indicates the following: "If the HASHED DESTINATION DEVICE NAME
does not match the device name used to open the connection, the frame shall
be discarded by the transport layer."  Does this imply that an ACK is
returned, but the frame will be not processed?  For example, if the frame
was a command frame, then the frame would be discarded and no command
execution will occur by the device.  However, an ACK is still returned for
the command frame.


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