SAM-2 Letter Ballot Comment Resolution

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The SAM-2 letter ballot comment resolution is available as:

Three related documents are also available:

  Rewrite of SAM-2 example for dependent logical units
  to remove SCC-isms

  Making Application Clients and Device Servers True
  Peers in SAM-2

  SAM to SAM-2 Changed Terms Annex

In 02-155r2, all comments have been reviewed and acted upon
and proposed resolutions are presented for all but only 46
of the 440 comments. Four comments have been added as a
result of issues discovered while proposing resolutions for
the original 436 comments. One of the new comments is

What should you do about this?

If you provided letter ballot comments, you probably want
to review the proposed responses. The Acrobat bookmarks
will take you quickly to your collection of comments.

Alternatively, you can use the bookmark for the rejected
comments list, page down, and find a summary of your
comments that are proposed to be rejected.

Two other lists that you may wish to inspect are:

   Substantive Comments Accepted With Noted Changes
   Accepted With Noted Changes Non-Substantive Comments List

Occasionally, the "Noted Changes" have the effect of
completely reversing the original intent of the comment.
The proposed resolution for the comment is not to reject
it because something is being done, but having an entry
in this is not a guarantee that what you wanted done is
in the resolution being proposed.

The two lists lacking the "Noted Changes" moniker
represent comments where the exact changes proposed
are what 02-155r2 agrees to do.

Finally, you may wish to review the "No Action Requested"

When using the lists, it is helpful to know that each
entry in the list is a hot link to the identified
comment. Using the hot links and the Acrobat "go to
previous view" key, you can jump back and forth between
the list and the comments to speed your review process.

If you care deeply about the content of all of SAM-2,
you will also want to review 26 entries in the following
two lists:

  Substantive Comments Accepted As Proposed
  Substantive Comments Accepted With Noted Changes

"Substantive" is in the eye of the beholder and I use the
term to mean "a change that somebody might care about".
Of course, that is a subjective judgment on my part.

The first 3.25 pages of 02-155r2 outline the topics
to be discussed during the upcoming T10 week. I expect
to take up a limited number of issues during the CAP
meeting and all afternoon following the T10 meeting
plus a few hours on Friday morning have been allocated
for the rest.

See you in Colorado Springs.


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