FCP-2: Task Retry Identification.

Santosh Rao santoshr at cup.hp.com
Tue Jun 25 18:26:50 PDT 2002

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We have a question regarding the Task Retry Identification functionality
described in Section 4.6.

The re-use of OX_IDs within RR_TOV of their last use exposes the
initiator to this condition described in Section 4.6.

Since it is the initiator's OX_ID generation model which can determine
the exposure to this problem, the Task Retry Identification
functionality must be a "mandatory to implement, optional to use"
feature and it should be left to the initiator's discretion on whether
this should be enabled.

Can someone clarify why this is not a mandatory feature of FCP-2 ?
Without this feature, there is a risk of exposure to data corruption and
FCP-2 sequence level error recovery (SLER) cannot be used in a reliable

Can the FCP-2 target implementors on this list comment on whether they
support Task Retry Identification ? What is the extent of support for
this feature among FCP-2 target implementations ?


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