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The Serial Attached SCSI Protocol working group will hold a

     Monday - Wednesday June 24-26, 2002 in Denver, CO.


   Monday June 24     9:00 am - 5:00 pm
   Tuesday June 25    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
   Wednesday June 26  8:30 am - noon


   Embassy Suites Denver Airport
   4444 N. Havana St.
   Denver, CO 90239
   (303) 375-0400

There is a block of guest rooms under the name LSI Logic for a
rate of $119.00 per night. The cut off date to get in the block
is June 13, 2002.

Driving Directions:

Take Pena Blvd. out of the Denver airport and follow signs for
I-70 West. Havana St. is exit 280. The hotel is just North of
I-70 on the right side.

A shuttle bus is available; call the hotel from the airport
for pickup.

The draft agenda is:

1.  Opening Remarks
2.  Approval of Agenda
3.  Attendance and Membership
4.  Old Business
4.1   SAS Bit order for scrambling and CRC (02-219) [Jim Coomes]
4.2   SAS CRC Generation and Scrambling (02-231) [Coomes]
4.3   AEN on SAS (02-196) [Penokie]
4.4   What does it mean to ignore or discard a frame? [Galloway]
4.5   SAS Identification State Machine (02-197) [Penokie]
4.6   SAS Working Draft Review [Elliott]
4.7   SAS OOB timing (02-198) [Elliott]
4.8   Transmitting a DONE primitive to close an SAS connection (02-201) 
[Steve Byan]
4.9   Behavior when receiving a BREAK primitive while in an SAS connection 
(02-205) [Steve Byan]
4.10   Dealing with extra ACK and NAK primitives in SAS (02-204) [Steve Byan]
4.11   SAS Credit Not Ready (02-215) [Bill Galloway]
4.12   SAS SMP transport layer state diagrams (02-216) [Penokie]
4.13   SAS Port Control State Diagram Update (02-202) [Worden]
4.14   SSP transport layer state machines (02-230) [Mark Evans]
5.  New Business
6.  Review of Recommendations to the Plenary
7.  Meeting Schedule
8.  Adjournment

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