FC-DA: SCSI command tables

Dave Peterson dap at cisco.com
Wed Jun 19 10:55:34 PDT 2002

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Howdy All,

The current FC-DA technical report contains tables describing SCSI command
usage pertaining to Fibre Channel.
These types of tables have been specified in previous technical reports
(e.g., PLDA, FC-TAPE).
FC-DA is intended to replace these technical reports, so we need to
determine if these types of tables need to
be carried over into FC-DA.

Some folk have indicated the tables are (and have been) useful for
conformance testing/implementation purposes.

Other folk have indicated the tables are not useful and the SCSI device
specific command specifications
(e.g., SPC-3, SBC-2, SSC-2, SMC-2) should be the appropriate document for

Please indicate your (company) preference via the reflector (or privately to
me if you desire) regarding this matter.

For the record, I would prefer to keep the command tables in FC-DA. My main
reason is that the current SCSI device
specific command specifications document whether or not a command is
manadatory but do not specify whether
or not (each) command specific parameter is required or optional.
(I would probably change my vote if the SCSI device specific command
specifications did address this matter, but I
do not believe this will happen any time soon, if at all, and I'm not
convinced that they should either).


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