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I've posted a draft agenda for the Automation / Drive Interface conference
call on Wednesday; the PDF version should soon be available at  A text only version is
included below.

Please let me know if there are any items that you'd like to add or remove.




0. Participant Information:
      All Participants should use the following information to reach the
conference call:
+     PARTICIPANT CODE: 12603248
+     Toll Free Dial In Number: 800-659-1145
+     International Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number:  904-779-4711

1. Roll call:                                                     Paul

2. Call for secretary:                                           Paul

3. Approval of this agenda:                        02-224r0       Paul

4. Discussion items:
      Inclusion here does not mean that these items are expected to be
finished by the conference call.
      Each item may simply be a summary of its status so that the group can
give feedback.
a.   Status of new drafts of standards                           Bob
b.   SAS as a model for ADT                       02-158r0       Group
c.   Additional MAM attributes                    02-xxxr0       Michael
d.   Physical layer signals proposal              02-xxxr0       Michael
e.   ADI data availability                        02-180r0       Rod
f.   ADI configurable MODE features               02-228r0       Rod
g.   State diagram                                02-xxxr0       Rod

5. Unscheduled business:

6. Review new action items:                                       secretary

7. Adjournment:                                                   Group

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