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In FCP-2 there appears to be a conflict regarding the time required to wait
for response to a REC.  Clause 11.3 gives 2*R_A_TOV while clause 12.5.2
give R_A_TOV and Annex C Figure C.26 gives R_A_TOV.  Which is the correct
value and please clarify this in FCP-3?

Clause 11.3 paragraph 4 states:

11.3 Resource Allocation Time-out (R_A_TOV)
A value of two times R_A_TOV ELS is used to determine the minimum time that
the Originator of an Extended
Link Service or FC-4 Link Service request shall wait for the response to
that request.

Whereas clause 12.5.2 states:
12.5.2 REC
If a response to an REC is not received within R_A_TOV ELS , the initiator
1) send an ABTS(Exchange) for the REC followed by an RRQ if a BA_ACC is
received for the ABTS; and
2) send another REC in a new Exchange.
and Figure C.26 - REC or REC Response Lost, Unacknowledged Classes gives a
value of R_A_TOV ELS


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