sas-r00b now available

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Fri Jun 14 14:44:43 PDT 2002

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sas-r00b is now available at http:/

Change bars are still from sas-r00. Incorporates these changes (not yet
approved by a T10 plenary):
* editorial and minor technical changes from emails and from 6/6 SAS WG
* 6/6 SAS WG - require rotating through all ALIGNs
* 6/6 SAS WG - SMP remove DEVICE NAME from REPORT GENERAL function
* 02-179r1 SAS SMP PHY MARGIN CONTROL function (Ron Roberts)
* 02-211r1 SAS address frame field checking (Rob Elliott)
* 02-212r1 SAS SSP RESPONSE IU format (Bill Galloway)
* 02-214r1 SAS SSP hash transport layer checking (Bill Galloway)
* 02-217r0 SAS OPEN_REJECT priorities (Jim Coomes)
* 02-218r0 SAS Remove far-end retimed loopback (Jim Coomes)
* 02-203r1 SAS request confirmation correlation across layers (John
Worden) - only partially incorporated
* 02-200r1 Minutes from SAS protocol WG meeting 5-7 June 2002

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