XFER_RDY rules

Day, Brian bday at lsil.com
Wed Jun 12 14:31:43 PDT 2002

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02-169r2 stated that "Target ports shall not send an XFER_RDY IU before
receiving all write data for the previous XFER_RDY IU".
How I read that, this would limit each port to a single outstanding XFER_RDY
IU, regardless of how many outstanding commands there are.

When that got added to sas-r00a (or somewhere along the way), that got
further restricted to "for a given I_T_L_Q".

So for my clarification, the intent really is to allow multiple outstanding
XFER_RDY IUs, just not for a given I_T_L_Q?

Brian Day
LSI Logic Corp.
Colorado Springs, CO

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