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> Subject: SAS - primitive after SOF
> In sas-r00a.pdf clause SSP_T1:Transmit state 
> description states:
> "On an indication that a SOF/frame/EOF is to be transmitted 
> the transmit state shall transmit an SOF in the dword before 
> the first dword of the frame and an EOF in first dword after 
> the last dword of the frame. 
> If during the transmission of a frame an indication that a 
> primitive is to be transmitted occurs the transmit state may 
> transmit the indicated primitive by inserting 
> the primitive between the frames  dwords."
> If the receiving device gets a primitive immediately after 
> an SOF or immediately before an EOF, is it supposed to 
> indicate a protocol error to the port layer?  

No error - primitives are allowed inside SSP frames.  This is
mainly for ALIGN, RRDY, ACK, and NAK.

The SSP_RF states are the ones that receive frames (there are
some typos where SSP_FR is used, but they're the same).

> Or should the primitive(s) just be processed as usual and 
> the frame accepted?


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