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Industry Leaders Collaborate on New Choices for
Next-Generation Serial Architectures for Server Storage 

Palo Alto and Santa Clara, Calif., June 10, 2002 - Dell, HP and Intel
working together to define complementary and compatible Serial Attached
SCSI and Serial ATA storage standard specifications that would offer
more choices in cost and features.

Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA are storage interface technologies
enable data to move between PCs or servers and peripherals, such as hard
disk drives. The two technologies are intended to replace current
versions of SCSI and ATA. Serial technology overcomes the performance
barriers forecasted for current parallel technologies. The serial
technologies will meet the need for faster data throughput in servers
and storage devices over the next decade as new Internet-based
demand greater bandwidth and performance.

The companies will work with the Serial ATA II Working Group and the
SCSI Trade Association, the industry associations responsible for
developing and promoting the two interface technology specifications,
to create open standard interfaces that give rise to next-generation
server storage systems that utilize the benefits these two technologies

After years of success as parallel interfaces, SCSI and ATA are
transitions to serial architectures to reduce overhead, increase
and accelerate point-to-point connections. The result is better overall
system performance at lower costs. 

"Serialization is the future for storage interface technologies both
and outside of the server," said Bruce Bell, vice president of Dell 
PowerEdge server development. "With parallel SCSI and ATA becoming
increasingly complex, a serial architecture provides customers better
performance, with greater signal integrity for better reliability, based
on industry standard technology."

The companies expect that SATA technology will evolve as a
price-performance choice in market segments where cost is a key
selection criterion in desktops, servers and storage solutions. Serial 
Attached SCSI will become a complementary alternative with a robust
feature-set for mainstream server storage solutions.

"By working with leading server and storage vendors in the standards
bodies, we're seeking to define options that offer a greater variety of
cost-efficient solutions and flexible migration paths between the two
storage technologies," said Mike Wall, general manager of Intel's 
Storage Components Division.

"HP will continue its longstanding commitment to driving the benefits
of standards-based computing to the industry through the development
and promotion of next-generation Serial Attached SCSI and SATA
technologies," said Ron Noblett, vice president, Server Storage &
Infrastructure, HP Industry Standard Servers global business unit.
"This universal capability will provide options that empower HP's
server storage customers with unprecedented flexibility by enabling
them to choose solutions with the right price, performance and
reliability for their businesses and to deploy customized solutions
on the same backplane."

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