Persistent Reservations and preempt

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Tue Jul 30 17:39:15 PDT 2002

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In Figure 3 of the second decision
box shows both the reservation key and service
action reservation key being validated.

If no initiator had registered with a reservation
key of 0 and the service action reservation key
was 0 because this was a PREEMPT for ALL REGISTRANTS
the check would fail and error out because it's
performed before the reservation type has been
determined.  I realize that if the check fails the
target could then look at the current reservation
type before failing the command but the flow chart
doesn't have that check in it either.

My question is:
"Am I wrong in my interpretation of this or does the
decision box assume that what I stated above is
done prior to failing the command?"

Kenneth Ray Craig, Jr.

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