REPORT LUNS mandatory SPC-3?

Matthew Jacob mjacob at
Sun Jul 28 14:01:50 PDT 2002

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* Matthew Jacob <mjacob at>
> I suggest that the CAP working group reconsider its action and NOT make 
> REPORT LUNS mandatory in SPC-3 but require it only in the pertinent command 
> sets: SBC-2, SSC-2, SMC-2, SES-2 and OSD.
> This is not an argument against the utility of REPORT LUNS in certain 
> environments, simply an argument that SPC-3 is an inappropriate place to 
> require support for the command.

Hmm. I'm not following your reasoning. LUNS are common to all device
types. INQUIRY is a command that is also sent to all device types. I fail to
see how REPORT LUNS isn't really the same as INQUIRY. In fact, they go hand in
hand in that you use REPORT LUNS to figure out how many luns to send INQUIRY
to in what is now (typically) a very large and sparse address space.

Can you say more why you believe REPORT LUNS is inappropriately placed in


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