SBP-3 Revision 2b published

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Thu Jul 25 17:23:16 PDT 2002

The most recent revision of the SBP-3 working draft is available for 
download from If FTP 
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The following summary of changes is taken from the revision history in the 
draft itself:

*** In accordance with a motion approved by the working group at the 
Colorado Springs meeting, the changes proposed in 01-287r1 have been 
incorporated in this revision of the draft. Minor changes to the proposal 
endorsed by the working group, e.g., the alteration of CREATE STREAM to 
CREATE TASK SET, are reflected in the draft. Although 01-287r1 instructed 
the editor to delete former Annex H, "Common isochronous packet (CIP) 
format", it has been retained pending further discussions on isochronous 

*** The use of type error response to reject Serial Bus request subactions 
addressed to fetch agent CSRs from nodes other than the logged-in initiator 
has been clarified. Note that during a reconnect hold period, the source ID 
of the initiator is temporarily unknown and its request subactions will 
also be rejected.

*** After a discussion of possible failures in the analysis of self-ID 
packets, the working group agreed that correlation between EUI-64 and 
physical ID obtained from such an analysis should be considered 
provisional. The target is required to confirm the EUI-64 by reading the 
node's bus information block in configuration ROM.

*** Bridge-aware logins for which the initiator is connected to the same 
bus as the target are not affected by net update.
The login procedure described in C.2 has been expanded so that it more 
closely follows the analogous login procedure in 8.2.1.


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