Clearing actions on failed discovery

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Thu Jul 25 11:36:33 PDT 2002

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> Hi all,
> A question has come up lately, regarding clearing actions to be taken when
> it is discovered that an initiator has left a Fibre Channel network. I
> believe that the intent of the standard (FCP-2, Table 4 on page 16 of
> Revision 7) is to clear any reservations held by such an initiator.
> However, the table only talks to the cases where the failed discovery
> follows a LIP or OLS. 
> 1. Can someone point me to the equivalent words in the case of RSCN? 
> 2. How about if the discovery is the result of a query to the Fabric
> Directory Server by a device that does not subscribe to RSCN broadcasts? 
> 3. How about if the query to the Fabric Directory Server is done in the
> absense of an RSCN by a device that does subscribe?
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