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Tue Jul 23 10:10:30 PDT 2002

INCITS T11.3 Mail Reflector
Dave Peterson asked for some more input in re the system vendor who
strongly preferred transport level error detection and recovery.

My understanding of their reasoning is that backup applications cannot
tolerate even one command to fail because of a transport error; it would
mean the termination of the backup session.  I was told that even one
failed command per week was way too many, since that night's backup would
have to be repeated.

Can we have input from Veritas, Legato, CA, and other backup vendors on
tolerance for errors?  Can you recover automatically from loss of a medium
(in a library)?  From failure of a command at the transport level?  If not,
then the transport layer has to everything possible to keep a command from
failing and we have to keep all of the FCP-2 error recovery in FCP-3.
Similarly for other transports.

And what is your use of the two commands referenced -- to recover from
medium or other errors, or simply to access particular backup sets and
files on a successfully-written medium?  Or both?


Paul Suhler
Seagate Removable Storage Solutions

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