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I ran this past a system vendor, who said:

   We are firmly in the camp strongly in support of the transport layer
   error recovery protocols.

He recommends asking this of the host vendors.  He's passed his comments to
his T10 rep, who may choose to respond directly with more detail on their




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Howdy All,

I have received responses from an excellent snapshot of the vendors
involved in the tape realm (backup apps, drive vendors). To summarize, READ
POSITION and LOCATE are in wide use today. Not a single vendor indicated
that they do not support/use READ POSITION, while only one vendor indicated
that they do not use LOCATE (and this seems to be a non-mainstream case).
Additionally, devices that do not support these commands (i.e., legacy
devices) are a rare breed and of the parallel SCSI ilk.

This further acknowledges my belief that the usefulness for transport level
error detection and recovery (specifically for tape devices) has run its

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