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Hi chairman and all,

I would like to propose to hold Mt.Fuji5 meeting to discuss following items.

1. Proposal for DVD-RW DRT-DM method
2. Proposal for Group 3 time-out

Sorry, I can not send proposal document now. In August, I will post proposal and
explanation documents. Today I would like explain a small part.

1. Proposal for DVD-RW DRT-DM method

Pioneer are now creating Distributed Read Time-Defect Management method for real
time video recording and PC data writing on restricted overwrite mode DVD-RW. By
this method and UDF 2.00 sparable partition, host can provide scalable defect
management. Affected commands are as follows;
Read10/12 command (no change), Write10/12 command (new error code), Verify
command (new error code), GetPerformance command (new type code 4), GetConfig
command (new feature).

2. Proposal for Group 3 time-out

New Group 3 time-out is for Streaming bit of Read12&Write12 command. New Group 3
may be shorter than Group 2. And Pioneer would like to propose fixed value
system. Currently time-out value can be changed by Mode select command, but it
is very hard to implement. So I would like to propose fixed value (not
changeable) device.

Sorry today, I could not send more information. These are requested from DVD
Video Recorder people then now I'm writing documents. As soon as I finished, I
will post.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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