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Bare-bones isochronous
(by: Peter Johansson)
T10/01-287r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/15   46187 bytes

SSC-2 Letter Ballot Comment Responses
(by: David Peterson)
T10/02-081r3   Uploaded: 2002/07/14   177271 bytes

SPC-3 Port-specific mode page clarifications
(by: Robert C. Elliott)
T10/02-149r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/19   33184 bytes

PPR PCOMP_EN description for fast-320 in SPI-5
(by: George O. Penokie)
T10/02-181r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/17   61984 bytes

SES-2 SPC-3 Vendor-specific diagnostic pages
(by: Dennis Spicher and Rob Elliott)
T10/02-189r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   16026 bytes

SES-2 Protocol-specific device element information
(by: Dennis Spicher and Rob Elliott)
T10/02-194r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   29330 bytes

SAS OOB timing
(by: Rob Elliott and Thomas Grieff)
T10/02-198r6   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   163271 bytes

SAS Credit Not Ready
(by: Bill Galloway)
T10/02-215r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/17   130471 bytes

SAS SMP transport layer state diagrams
(by: George Penokie)
T10/02-216r5   Uploaded: 2002/07/15   129881 bytes

Termination table note addition for SPI-5
(by: Paul D. Aloisi)
T10/02-226r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/15   10550 bytes

Rewrite of SAM-2 example for dependent logical units to remove SCC-
(by: Ralph O. Weber)
T10/02-227r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/19   40148 bytes

SAS SSP initiator transport layer state machines
(by: Mark Evans)
T10/02-230r2   Uploaded: 2002/07/15   101865 bytes

SAM-2 SPC-3 SBC-2 SSC-2 Clearing effects of I_T nexus loss
(by: Rob Elliott and Mallikarjun Chadalapaka)
T10/02-232r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/16   124073 bytes

SAM-2 SPC-3 SBC-2 SSC-2 Clearing effects of I_T nexus loss
(by: Rob Elliott and Mallikarjun Chadalapaka)
T10/02-232r2   Uploaded: 2002/07/19   93132 bytes

Making Application Clients and Device Servers True Peers in SAM-2
(by: Ralph O. Weber)
T10/02-241r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/19   44394 bytes

SPC-3 protocol-specific changes for SAS
(by: Rob Elliott)
T10/02-246r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   16709 bytes

SES-2 Cooling element fan speed in RPM
(by: Thin Nguyen and Rob Elliott)
T10/02-248r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   11239 bytes

SES-2 Nonvolatile cache element cache size
(by: Thin Nguyen and Rob Elliott)
T10/02-249r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   11368 bytes

SES-2 New Enclosure element
(by: Thin Nguyen and Rob Elliott)
T10/02-250r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   15869 bytes

SES-2 Enclosure Status element bypass status enhancement
(by: Dennis Spicher and Rob Elliott)
T10/02-251r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   17335 bytes

SAS Pathway Recovery
(by: Tim Hoglund)
T10/02-256r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/15   48472 bytes

FCP-2: Issues To Resolve
(by: David Peterson)
T10/02-267r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/16   50399 bytes

Minutes of Parallel SCSI Working Group - July 15, 2002
(by: Weber & Lohmeyer)
T10/02-270r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/15   42402 bytes

Minutes of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Working Group
(by: Weber & Lohmeyer)
T10/02-271r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/17   67683 bytes

Minutes of SCSI CAP Working Group - July 17, 2002
(by: Weber & Lohmeyer)
T10/02-272r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   109869 bytes

SAM-3 Query Task
(by: Bill Galloway)
T10/02-278r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/17   38919 bytes

Initiator based discovery and configuration of the SAS topology,
(by: Steven Fairchild)
T10/02-279r1   Uploaded: 2002/07/17   698623 bytes

Prototype AVD commands
(by: Peter Johansson)
T10/02-281r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/16   77630 bytes

Ordered SCSI Proposal
(by: David Peterson)
T10/02-283r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/16   41868 bytes

STA & STATech Plenary Report July
(by: Paul D. Aloisi)
T10/02-284r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/17   105812 bytes

SSM Plenary report July 2002
(by: Paul D. Aloisi)
T10/02-285r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/16   55616 bytes

Write filemarks Segment Descriptor Immediate Bit
(by: Robert Griswold)
T10/02-286r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/16   43616 bytes

Minutes of SAS PHY WG, July 15-16, 2002
(by: Alvin Cox)
T10/02-288r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   7079 bytes

SAS PHY WG revision to Section 5 of SAS specification
(by: Alvin Cox)
T10/02-289r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   216410 bytes

ISO/IEC Status Report - July 2002
(by: Gary S. Robinson)
T10/02-292r0   Uploaded: 2002/07/18   6158 bytes

Working Drafts
Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
(Editor: Rob Elliott)
SAS Rev: 00f   Uploaded: 2002/07/19   1772411 bytes

SCSI Stream Commands - 2 (SSC-2)
(Editor: Dave Peterson)
SSC2 Rev: 08b  Uploaded: 2002/07/14   895203 bytes

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