SAS Expander Configuration Proposal 02-279r1

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SAS protocol WG,

I updated the referenced document (02-279) to include suggested changes 
|from the meeting.  I have not separated it into multiple documents yet, 
because I would like feedback on a couple of questions.

Would it be more acceptable to add a CONFIGURABLE bit on the Report General 
SMP response frame, instead of defining a new device type, edge 
route?  Using this approach, the edge device could be defined as having a 
configurable route table with a number of slot and index values.  So a new 
device type would not be required.  Either an edge or fanout device could 
be defined as having a configurable route table.  If it was configurable 
the SAS addresses would be reference within the slot and index range supplied.

Also, would it be preferrable to provide a diagram and associated table 
showing how the SAS addresses in a configurable edge device would be 
referenced by slot and index instead of the program algorithm?  This would 
avoid having to dictate a specific algorithm and just indicate the 
positional nature of the table.  As discussed this topic could be placed in 
an annex.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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