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Fri Jul 12 18:01:59 PDT 2002

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A new revision of the SAM-2 Letter Ballot comments
resolution document is available as:

There are minor changes in the resolution to comment
Compaq 16) that Rob requested.

The second (and last change) comes from Bob Nixon
who arrived late at the Letter Ballot comments party,
but he brought a real find with him. See the new
comment Other 5).

Those are the only differences between r2 and r3.
They are marked with change bars to make them easy
to spot.

Also, SAM-3 r00 is available as:

Do not get too excited. SAM-3 r0 has exactly the
same words in it as SAM-2 r23 (the SAM-2 that went
to Letter Ballot). But, maybe having a SAM-3 draft
around to mess with will be helpful in the next
few weeks.

See you next week.


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